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I haven’t done a Bite-Size Birmingham post in a while and thought it would be fun to share my favorite spots around Bham for Christmas photos. I didn’t get to go to many of these spots last year since we were mostly at home, so it’s been really fun getting pics at these spots this year one last time. I am a little behind on everything this year since we were gone the beginning of December. This might be something to save and reference for next year when planning for family photos or Instagram content. I cannot believe it’s our last Christmas here! I love Birmingham so much and will greatly miss it when we move. It’s honestly my favorite place I’ve ever lived including Texas.


  • The Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Inside of the conservatory is a gorgeous tree made out of over 300 poinsettias. I haven’t been able to visit yet this year, but I did confirm via Instagram and driving by that they put it up again this year. This is the perfect spot for family photos.
  • 18th Street area in Homewood (type Cookie Fix in Homewood in your GPS and a gorgeous Christmas tree is across the street): The beautiful tree in this photo makes a stunning backdrop for photos. This would also be great for family photos. I will share more on this outfit next week. I know there are also some other beautiful places in Homewood to take photos too, I just haven’t really explored them. From a quick drive by, the downtown Homewood area near Taco Mama has some cute festive storefronts as well.
  • Mountain Brook:
    • Crestline Village: This charming little shopping area is filled with gorgeous storefronts and street lamps with wreaths. One of my favorite spots in Crestline Village is by the huge clock when you turn onto Church St. I would probably recommend parking in the CVS parking lot.
    • The Steeple Arts Dance Studio is also one of my favorite spots to do Christmas photos because they put up pretty wreaths and the historic building looks Christmasy. We did our family Christmas photos there last year (post here) and I took these photos there as well.
    • Mountain Brook Village: This is another gorgeous shopping area in Mountain Brook. There are also many decorated storefronts. My favorite spot in this area is Leaf N’ Petal. There are beautiful live Christmas trees and wreaths.
  • The Summit: There are gorgeous store fronts and decor everywhere you turn. You can also see Santa near Saks Fifth Ave. Close to Santa is also a pretty  staircase that would be cute for Christmas photos.
  • Vestavia City Center: I haven’t checked this area out myself, but I saw a sweet friend post a cute picture in this area with a gorgeous tree. It looks like it’s near Zoe’s Kitchen in the Vestavia City Center shopping area.
  • Shoppe: This gorgeous garden store is perfect for photo ops. They have such gorgeous plants and are so knowledgeable. I also recommend stopping by General next door for a coffee and cute gift ideas.
  • Old Baker Farms in Harpersville, AL has a Christmas tree farm. I would make sure to checkout their website to see when they’re open.
  • Pizitz Food Hall: There is a beautiful tree in the outdoor area.
  • Queens Park: This pop-up bar is so fun and perfect for a festive photo-op. This wouldn’t be a family friendly spot.

About My Outfit:

This skirt and top are both festive finds from Chicwish. It would be perfect for a Christmas party, and I also plan to wear it for Valentine’s Day. I absolutely love the sleeve details and know I will wear this top a lot. There is something about red that is so gorgeous for Christmas time and I find myself reaching for this skirt a lot. The bow detail makes me so happy. Both the skirt and top run true to size. We’ve had a really warm December, but this skirt could also be styled with a black top and tights on a cooler day. I have one last Christmas look to share on Monday.

Where is your favorite Bham Christmas photo spot? If you need some Instagramable photo locations for year round make sure to check this post out. 


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    December 17, 2021 / 6:44 am

    This is such a cute spot!!

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