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How/Why I Started A Byers Guide, formerly Life Of A Med School Wife Blog

I remember looking up to a few of my favorite bloggers (just to name a few: Katey McFarlan from “Chronicles Of Frivolity“, Emily Gemma from “The Sweetest Thing Blog”, Brighton Keller from “Brighton The Day“ and Haley from “Sequins And Things“) and thinking how neat it is that they share their fashion finds and outfits. I had always wanted to start a blog, but was scared. In college, I had a blog for one of my Public Relations classes (I have a PR degree), but once that class was over and I wasn’t required to blog anymore, I gave it up. I wish I had stuck with it though!

When I started my blog, my husband was in the middle of his 3rd year of medical school. Being married to a medical student is far from easy, so I needed my own hobby. There were tons of hours each week where I was home from work and had free time, but Jake had to study or be at the hospital, so I found myself needing a hobby to pass the time. But for the longest time, I had no idea what that would be. I have always loved to paint, but I wasn’t feeling inspired to do that at the moment. I had watched the full Gossip Girl series for the second time and had just finished Pretty Little Liars. I was bored and needed a purpose besides my full-time job.

My sister-in-law, mom and I always send each other outfit selfies and screen shots of things we want. Around Christmas, my sister-in-law and I were sending each other a ton of outfit pics since we had a lot of fun events coming up. We would also send each other pictures of blogger outfits we liked. She told me I should start posting outfit pictures on Instagram. I kind of brushed it off, though every once in a while I would post some more fashion-focused material on my personal Instagram account. The week before Christmas, I was off work and I decided to take some mirror selfies of what I was wearing and noticed my engagement was way better than normal. This inspired me to do more.

On Christmas Day, I really liked a few accessories that I received from “Santa”, so I decided to take my first real outfit picture with my real camera and not just a mirror selfie on my phone. I remember telling my husband that I was going to start a blog. I expected him to laugh at me and say that is dumb, but he has been nothing but supportive! He told me he thought it would be a great idea and was fully in favor. He always felt bad when he had to study instead of hanging out with me, so he was glad I found something fun to fill the time with. After taking pictures of my daily outfits for about 2-3 weeks, I told my sister-in-law maybe I really should create a blog and she encouraged again me to do so.

As I mentioned before, in college for one of my classes I had a blog. Mine was called “Fashion Is An Art You Wear”. After logging back into my old blog, I deleted pretty much everything and started to set up my blog for Life Of A Med School Wife. Finally, one Friday I got off work a little early due to the snow that was coming in. I had my hubby take a quick Outfit Of The Day picture and I typed up a quick blog post. I was too scared to announce I created a blog, but after a little bit of wine, I announced it on my Facebook and Instagram. I was surprised by the support I received and it’s been a fun journey from there!

Story Behind My Blog Name

Coming up with a new blog name was a HUGE challenge I had. My husband, Jake, was just months away from graduation, and I knew I wanted to change my name before he graduated. I changed my name on my first blogging anniversary because it seemed like the perfect time. I wanted my new name to be meaningful and not just something random. I loved being Life of a Med School Wife, but I wanted my new name to have my own identity although I am obsessed with husband. This is why I didn’t do Life Of A Med Wife or Life Of A Doctor’s Wife, per many suggestions.

As you may or may not know, my last name is Byers, pronounced just like the word buyers . I wanted to do a play on words with Byers and buying, since I primarily blog about fashion.