Happy 9 months, Scarlett

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Sweet girl turned 9 months on Valentine’s Day and I cannot believe how fast time is flying. She said her first word, “dada” and now is saying “mama” as of last weekend (or she is at least close; it sounds like muh-muh). She is the proud owner of one of her top front teeth, just waiting for the other to come in. She is not quite crawling yet, but she’s trying. She mostly ends up rolling and is more interested in standing on her walker. She’s obsessed with peek-a-boo & having books read to her. She’s becoming hard to photograph and doing milestone photos on the ground like we used to in previous months is now impossible.

Time is such a thief, but I somehow love her even more every day. Last Valentine’s Day I wrote her a letter (post here) and we wondered what she’d be like. Scarlett has the sweetest personality and gives us so much joy.

I loved her 6 month styled photoshoot with the DIY teepee so much that I got a real one for Christmas and used it for 9 month photos. The past month has been a little hard; Scarlett’s having a little weight gain issue and we also found she has at least one food allergy. I’ve been really focusing on that and haven’t had much time or energy to do blog posts. I am feeling confident that we have a great plan to help her though. We’ve started focusing on fattier foods to supplement her nursing, but also do still give her some healthier foods as well to go along with the pizza and mashed potatoes she has been getting.

These balloons are from our photoshoots for Valentine’s Day and my birthday. I had to repurpose them for her milestone photos. I cannot believe the next major milestone will be her first birthday!


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